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104 Italian Designer Outlets all within 40 mins drive from the can try and find them on your own or sign up for my Shopping Tour and have a personal shopper and private driver spend the day taking you to them.

There is nothing better in my opinion than a wonderful pair of Italian leather shoes and of course the handbag to go with it, the best Italain souviners ever. So while the guys are laying around the pool or truffle hunting take a few hours and explore the shops, local and regional, here are just a few good ones to tease you, click on the picture to take you to their website and or map...







On saturday mornings you will find various outdoor markets in various hamlets and towns. Macareta has one with lots of vendors with various things from clothes to tools. I like the one down in Civitanova on the sea just 30 mins from the house, leather goods, clothes, handbags etc. Just look carefully there are some vendors with items from China so the prices we be accordingly.

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