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Le Marche Designer Fashion Shopping Tour

Full Day including Breakfast, Lunch and personal shopper


Spend the day with Krizia Gobbi as you visit, shop, eat and relax together

while being driven in a private van around the beautiful Italian countryside.

Where the Artisans, small family run factories and big multinationals

sit alongside one another producing fashions for designers such as

Prada,  Armani,  Cesare Paciotti,  Tombolini,  Hugo Boss and  Tods.

All of them have a Le Marche designer outlet shop where you can pick

up fashions at a 70-80% discount. Le Marche is the shoe, purse and hat

district for all things Italian.


Women and Men as well enjoy visiting the shops even if you are not a

designer driven buyer we can visit shops in every price range.  Just seeing

the quality and craftsmanship upfront and personal is truly a remarkable

event. Hearing the craftsman in the back room working to make the very

items that you could bring home as your Italian souvenirs.


No worries about getting lost trying to find the shops hidden away in the

Le Marche hills as Stefano your driver is a local and knows the roads well.

 He will pick you up at the farmhouse at 9 AM and proceed to a local Bar/Cafe

in Tolentino that Krizia owns where you will start the day with the traditional

Italian breakfast of Cafe e Dolci (espresso and sweet roll). You will chat (in english) with

Krizia about which items interest you most and she will plan a route to cover as many

of your preferences as possible.


Then you will head over to Valigeria La Rancia to see their beautiful

luggage, handbags, golf club carrier, wallets, laptop covers etc. Here is a sample

of other manufacturers we will visit: shoes shoes and purses shoes shoes and purses shoes shoes & accessories men’s shoes women’s shoes hats hats and scarfs


These are just examples of some of the places you

can go and if you have no preference then she will

just take you to her favorites! We could spend days

just on shoes, purse’s or hats alone and of course

no self  respecting Italian with be without their scarf.


You will stop for lunch along the way as Pranza

(lunch/nap time) is extremely important and all the shops

will close from 1 pm-4 pm so we will have a long leisurely lunch with wine

of course unless you prefer otherwise. Please let me know if there are any

dietary restrictions for your group?


After lunch you can visit a local Jewelry Artisan who does unique and

different things which will be available for purchase or you can even orde

 custom pieces that he can ship back to the USA for you.

He just happens to be your neighbor in the farmhouse next door but

his studio is 30 mins away in Civitanova.  If you not interested in jewellery

then just let Kriza know and she can skip that stop and take you elsewhere.


This day will be customized to your needs and we can stop anywhere you

like and for however long you like. Krizia will have a basic itinerary for the

day but it’s your shopping tour and if you need another espresso or glass of

wine while shopping she can fit that in too.


Please let me know ASAP if you want to add this to your weeks I itinerary

as I need to book the day at least 30 days in advance. Includes the private

van or car, driver, breakfast at Krizia’s Bar, lunch at a wonderful restaurant, 

and drop off back to the farmhouse around 6 pm just in time to get ready for



 Krizia will be your English speaking guide for the day, she was born here

in Le Marche and is an Architect by profession and Fashion lover by hobby.

She personally owns over 350 pairs of shoes and will help you find the most

beautiful Italian fashions possible to take home with you. Krizia will assist

 you with Italian sizing which differs from that in the USA and be there for

translation and negotiation if necessary. She is a dear friend to us and we

could not have possibly survived here in Italy without all her help in the last

6 years.


Enjoy your journey,


Private van for 6-7 persons 175 euro per person

Private van for 3-5 persons 200 euro per person

Private car for 1-2 persons 500 euro total

*to be paid in Cash on arrival at Casa Tre Querce, 

prices subject to change if the vendors prices change

Krizia'a Bar in tolentino italy
clothes made in italy
clothes made in italy
shoes made in italy
jewelry made in italy
shoes made in italy
shoes made in italy

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