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Suggested Itinerary- If you have a few weeks here are things you must see!


Arrange your airport parking in the US- click here


I would suggest flying into Venice, which is in the northeastern

part of Italy and start your journey there. click here for best airfare

rates. From the Venice airport take the boat taxi to enter the city its

fabulous especially at sunset.


Spend a few nights in Venice, go on a gondola ride down the Grand Canal just don't eat on the canal very expensive and it is typically not very good. click here for more information about staying in Venice. 


So you will not need a car rental until you are ready to leave Venice and head to your next destination which should be either Verona or Florence depending on how much time you have. If you must choose then head to Florence which is my personal favorite big city in Italy. click here for more information about hotels in Florence. 


In Verona a must see is Juliet's balcony we spent the night around there, plus they have a large outdoor market in the city center. click here for hotel ideas. 

Continue heading west to Milan and take a detour up to Lake Como, have lunch on the island, you MUST do this incredible experience, 3 hrs of eating I thought I would explode :) Locanda Comacina


Stay in Milan the shopping Mecca of Italy, could be dangerous if your like me haha. If you want to see Divinci's last supper fresco you must by tickets in advance as they are sold out months in advance due to limited viewing, click here  for tickets.


Then head south to Pisa for The Leaning Tower try to get there at dusk its’ an amazing time there, that’s when I took this picture. The new hot spot in Italy these days is Cinque Terre not far from Pisa, just be prepared for allot of tourists in the summer.


Continue your journey down to Tuscany drive thru the Chianti region stay a day in Siena, drive thru Vale de Orca just beautiful in spring it will be all green. Then head our way thru Perugia maybe visit a festival there. 


Then after a week at Casa Vecchio di Pietra, here you will have enjoyed all that our region of Le Marche has to offer. 


Set out to Rome for at least 3 nights turn in your car there at the airport before you attempt to enter the historic center. You can take the train from the airpot or grab a taxi into  the historic center.


Only one hour outside of Rome is Villa d’Este, truly amazing gardens and architecture awaits your discovery. 



Time to head south either  by driving or try experiencing the train down to Naples. If you have more time go to Pompeii which is an amazing experience. Spend a night or two in Sorrento just beautiful and if you have made it that far then you MUST see the Amalfi coast breathtaking… 


Drive or take the train back to Naples fly home and be sad you are leaving…


P.S. these are all our personal photos just so you can trust our suggestions 

Rialto Bridge Venice
The Grand Canal
Saint Marks Square
Basicilia di San Petronio
Basilica di San Petronio
Lake Como
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
The Cathedral in Pisa
View from the Country of San Marino
Frasassi Caves
Frasassi Caves
The Duomo Florence
Piazzale Michelangelo
Santa Maria Del Fiore Florence
Palazzo Vecchio Florence
View of Arno River Florence
Val de Orcia Tuscany
Sferisterio di Macerata
Summer at the Adriatic Sea
The Adriatic Sea
The Vatican
Trevi Fountain Rome
The Forum Rome
Villa di Este
local sunflowers
Cascate del Mulino
Recanati city of Poetry
View from Casa Tre Querce
Sirolo view of the Corerro
Amalfi Coast

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