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Ahh...the Pasta-

With La Pasta di Aldo you can realize one, hundreds, thousands of ideas. They all will be of sure success, because this pasta goes well with various sauces. For each format, we use diversified and strictly selected semolinas; they scrupulously combine to create a thick but porous sheet of pastry, able to absorb and retain the sauce...Nearly a rite, a low temperature drying process guarantees the compactness and an excellent cooking resistance. Just after the cut, expert hands hang maccheroncini, tagliatelle and pappardelle on particular sticks applied in a frame and placed in a dry kiln, where the process gradually goes on in a low and quite natural way, so allowing pasta to preserve aroma and ingredients. Once pasta is ready, it is packed in a nice box with its own trademark, symbol of genuineness: an egg surmounted by a turgid ear of wheat. Ready for shipment, La Pasta di Aldo reaches different national and international countries. Sought-after, admired and relished, it brings to the table wellbeing, health, joy and also that touch of "Marche style", esteemed and admired all over the world.

Just 30 mins drive from the house you will find La Pasta di Aldo a local manufacturer click here for their website





















Craft ... what makes the dough is so much more ... 

Pasta Mancini was born from ancient modern possibilities and expertise, gained through humility and obvious, especially in winter, when it produces the greatest amount of pasta, but the weather conditions make the job more difficult. The level of moisture necessary for the production, easily reached during the summer, is at risk in the cold months, because even a simple replacement of the air can cause the dough in drying to break. Together with the sensitivity of the pasta maker, is the structure of the laboratory to prevent it happening: never as in the case of a pasta shape makes the substance. And the substance must be the best possible product. In addition to short pasta, also the long is made with bronze dies to form circular, abandoned in time in the industrial field in favor of the linear, that guarantee a greater speed of execution, and hence the achievement of quantitative targets higher. 


Visit Pasta Mancini just 40 mins from the house here is there website click here


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