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Check-in time is 4-7 pm on the day you arrive- please don't arrive early as the house will not be ready we need time to turn it over from the prior guests, thank you for your consideration.

Check out time is 10 am on the day you leave-  Just be aware that our laundry person will arrive at 9:30 and must have access to the bedrooms to collect the linens and towels, thank you for your co-operation.

What your stay in our home includes-

  • When you arrive that evening between the hours of 4- 7 pm, Krizia our house manager will be there to greet you personally and show you the workings of the house.  I will have sent you detailed driving directions 1 week prior to your visit, if you choose to arrive later than that she will not be able to greet you. Also that evening she can have an  arrival dinner (extra charge) for you so you can relax and enjoy the grounds if you plan that at least 7  days ahead. If you have dietary restrictions such as allergies or vegetarian etc, please let me know ahead of time.

  • There will be a house manual laying on the kitchen table when you arrive with a comprehensive restaurant listing and directions for the workings of the house. There is WiFi throughout the house some rooms are better than others due to the thick rock walls, the password will be in the house manual plus I will have emailed it to you so you can cut and paste it rather than type it since its very long.

  • If you would like to experience true Italian shopping then wait till you arrive here to go to the local village butcher, baker, produce etc. there is information in the house manual about them. If you would like to visit a regular supermarket and get supplies on your way then you can stop in Tolentino just 15 mins from the farmhouse. click here for directions FYI- when shopping in Italy don't touch the produce without putting on the plastic gloves which are provided for you, and make sure you weigh everything before you get up to the checkout counter.

  • The Kitchen is fully appointed with everything you will need to make meals including some spices that are kept on hand which are just basic. If you plan to do a lot of cooking you will need to bring your own supplies. There are 2 French presses for making coffee, the stove top is gas and the oven is electric. There is a gas BBQ for grilling outside, gas will be provided for you. There is also full-size American refrigerator in the summer kitchen downstairs for your use and yes it has trays for Ice. FYI- do not expect to be served Ice in drinks in Italy or Europe as they don't use it and I would suggest not asking for it either. Also, they don't serve butter with bread and it's considered rude to ask for it. Italians are very passionate about their food and expect you to eat it the way it is served.  

  •  If you would like to have a cooking class at a local B & B just 5 mins drive from the Casa,  I can make arrangements for you.

  • Each person will receive two sets of towels (bath, hand) for the week,  also there is a washer and dryer in the family bathroom on the main floor for your personal use,  I would suggest on a sunny day drying things outside as the Italian dryer takes much longer. If you use extra towels from the downstairs storage area you will be charged for additional laundry. 

  • Each room will have fresh bed linens when you arrive and will be changed at the end of your stay.

  • Each bathroom will have a blow dryer, if you choose to bring your own or other devices you will also need to bring a European converter for the plugs here are 220 volts. Also please bring your own toiletries as people have many preferences.

  • No there is not air-conditioning in the farmhouse as our area of Italy usually does not get over 85 during the summer and the thick rock walls keep it cool. August we usually have some heat and there are fans in each of the bedrooms to keep you cool. During the colder months, all the beds have down comforters as well as extra cotton blankets in the chest of drawers. Heating is by a pellet stove, boiler and radiators, if you arrive in the winter months stove will have already been going to heat in anticipation of your arrival. PLEASE make sure to keep windows and doors closed with the heat on as the GAS is VERY expensive here. You will be given 14 bags of pellets which will last the entire stay using 2 bags per day if you choose not to use them you will be charged for the extra propane consumption.  Also if you change the thermostats and it incurs additional gas usage you will also be charged for the overages. 

  •  In your arrival package that I will email you  before you arrive, it will include a suggested weeks itinerary, which you can choose to use or create your own.  In your arrival package, there will be  suggested tours that I  can arrange with our local guides of which we have been able to negotiate a small discount for you. We also offer a full service travel agency if you need planning assistance during your time in Italy or anywhere else in the world.

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